"Genuine" Wood Chiavari Chairs

Why Should the Final Decision be....  "The" Chiavari Chair Company?

  • We provide the finest hardwood chairs and a superior cushion.
  • Each chair is produced to our internal standards to surpass your expectations
  • Most Internet resellers do not manufacture or stock the chairs they sell.  They buy from a distributor and ship to the client. 
  • Resellers cannot control product quality, shipping & arrival dates and will have difficultly fixing a problem when they arise.
  • Sometimes you will see a chair advertised at $1 or $2 less, however our chairs will function well for several additional years.  One additional rental/use covers the small extra expense!  That's a wise investment.

Chair specifications below


                        Gold                                                    Silver                                     Fruitwood / Expresso
                         White                                                 Black                                        Fruitwood-Medium
                        Natural                                           Limewash                                    Mahogany / Merlot

*We will match any sellers price including products, shipping, fees, sales tax, etc.  Competitor's offer must be presented.  Products must be in stock.  If price is not matchable we will gift to the client a $100 Airfare Buck$ Flight Rebate Coupon.

Product Information

- "High-Quality" Rated Hardwood Frame.

- Metal support brackets on all 4 leg connections; not just 2 legs.
- Adhesive injected into all critical joints for stability; cheap chairs don't have it.
- See the difference...multiple coats of paint for a beautiful protective shell.
- Stacks up to 10 high for for efficient space management.

- A solid, one-inch engineered-wood seat that will never break under stress.
Impact resistant feet at the bottom of each leg to prevent splintering.

- Shipping:  We wrap every square inch with a protective foam wrapping.
- Extra thick, high-density cushion with double piping and double stitching.

- Chair Weight:  10 lbs

- Chair Height:  36.25“

- Seat Height:  17.25“

- Seat Dimensions:  15.75”W x 15.50”D

- Ships Assembled

- Frame:  2 Year Limited Warranty

- Cushion:  1 Year Limited Warranty

Adult Chiavari
 Kids Chiavari
 Gold, Silver, Fruitwood/Expresso, Fruitwood/Medium, Mahogany/Merlot, Natural, White, Black, Custom
 Clear, White, Pink, Blue, Gold, Silver, Fruitwood/Expresso, Fruitwood/Medium, Mahogany/Merlot, Black

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Cushion Options (for chiavari chairs)
              Velcro Strap Cushion         Wood-Base Panel Cushion

Velcro Strap Cushion       (Read about our improvements)
- Available colors:  Ivory, White, Black and Brown.
- 2" thick high-density foam.
- Our cushion have wider straps (3/4") and we doubled the stitching to prevent the strap from tearing away from the body of the cushion.  This is a common problem.
- Double piping for elegance.
- Zipper to remove the cover for cleaning.
- Also Available:  form fitted cushion covers with tie straps in dozens of colors.

Wood-Base Panel Cushion   
-- Provides the appearance of a upholstered chair.
- Available Materials:  Fabric and Vinyl
- Available colors:  Ivory, white and black.
- Velcro tabs underneath the cushion hold onto the chair seat to create a beautiful seamless look.
- Also Available:  fabric elastic-fitted cushion caps (Ivory, White, Black and Brown).

Chiavari Chair Dolly                                                                       $179.98
The chiavari chair dolly holds chiavari chair stacks vertically.  The front extension slides under the chair seat and then allows the stack to be lifted and moved.  This rugged cart is all metal and the wheels are solid and do not require air.  This cart is a must have for all facilities with chiavari chairs.

Chiavari Chair Protective Covers                                             Call for Pricing     
Prevents scratching that can occur during stacking and keeps chiavari chairs clean warehouse environments. 

Don't stop comparing quality after the chair and the cushion...keep going...our protective covers are heavy duty and much stronger than the average cover.  The average cover tears at the top and the chair starts to push through, our covers will not!


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